Our mission is to improve patient care and public health by maximizing the feasibility, innovative capacity, and impact of clinical trials being conducted by Washington University investigators.

Since Trial-CARE was formed in early 2018, we have had the opportunity to work with and support a range of investigators across different areas of specialty and trial complexity:

  • Trial-CARE has provided consultations to over 80 investigators across 18 departments at Washington University, and to 4 investigators from ICTS partner institutions (SLU, MU).
  • We have worked with investigators in various stages of their careers, including Assistant Professor (26%), Associate Professor (26%), and Professor (47%).
  • 70% of Trial-CARE investigators were planning or actively conducting a multi-center trial at the time of the initial consultation.
  • Trial-CARE has experience across a range of funding entities. Of the investigators we have worked with:
    • 54% were seeking or had secured NIH funding
    • 22% were seeking or had secured industry-funding
    • Trial-CARE has also worked with investigators with funding from foundations, Department of Defense (DOD), and Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)