The Trial-CARE team offers free consultations for investigators and study teams. Initial consultations can be conducted in-person (preferred, when conditions allow) or via Zoom, and are typically held for one hour. The lead investigator and core research team are highly encouraged to attend, if possible.  

Consultations involve an interactive discussion with experienced Trial-CARE professionals about your study, after which Trial-CARE will work with your team to determine what types of expertise will be most helpful based on your study needs. After each initial consultation, faculty members receive written recommendations from our expert support team on key steps that can be taken to move their project forward efficiently.  Additional meetings can be scheduled as needed to support the study.

To request a meeting

Please complete the Trial-CARE Consultation Intake Form:

Once your information is received, our Fast-Track Coordinator will contact you via email within 3-business days.

If you have questions about the consultation process or Trial-CARE services, please contact