Our Mission

To improve patient care and public health by maximizing the feasibility, innovative capacity, and impact of clinical trials being conducted by Washington University investigators.

What we do

Trial-CARE is a multidimensional clinical trial support service being implemented through the Center for Clinical Studies (CCS) within the Washington University School of Medicine, in partnership with the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS).

We aim to provide enhanced support to Washington University faculty conducting investigator-initiated clinical trials, with a focus on multicenter studies. We do this by:

  • Streamlining clinical trial start-up;
  • Guiding research teams in utilizing modern technology tools and best practices that together enable effective participant recruitment, quality study conduct, and regulatory compliance;
  • Providing specialized expertise in trial implementation that enables outstanding efficiency and innovation;
  • Offering investigators opportunities for mentorship, support in obtaining funding, and linkage to other resources to promote their research and foster their career development as funded researchers.

Trial-CARE’s operating philosophy is that the successful completion of ambitious studies will be boosted by the addition of specialized clinical trial implementation expertise to the outstanding clinical expertise and disease knowledge of department-based investigators.

 Our team of seasoned investigators and clinical research professionals is experienced with a broad range of complex clinical studies and excels in identifying and managing barriers to rapid study progress, leveraging resources to expedite study start-up, maximizing site support, and designing successful plans for participant recruitment and other study processes. We delight in collaborating with investigators within and across departments, and in designing study-specific partnership models that allow flexible collaboration between the investigators, their research staff members, and our clinical trial experts, based on the needs of the investigator and their study team.

Please see a detailed listing of services available and additional information about the consultation process to learn more.